Hands on Greenville

//Hands on Greenville

Our Lady of the Rosary Parish is participating in an ARCUM/UNITED WAY of GREENVILLE Project involving members of the congregations of the 7 ARCUM churches contributing their time for a 4-hour block on a Saturday (April 30) to help “Uplift” a community. Here is a description of the project:

We will continue to uplift the Belle Meade community by cleaning up the grounds at Upstate Circle of Friends. Projects that will we be looking to Complete:
* Provide Mulch around Red Maple and, trees, flower area and Children Play Area.
* Cut Grass between 5 to 7 Acres
* Paint Storage Builders
* Edging around the Building and side walk of Building
* Planting of small Trees on Far end of Campus
* Weed eating areas around Basketball Court
* Paint Wooden Fence on lower part of Campus
* Clean Garden Area
* Paint Chain Link fence
Outdoors Tools Required

Additional Information
Q: Minimum Age to Participate
A: You must be age 16 or older to participate.
Q: Details of Tools Required
A: Push and Riding Lawn mowers , Electrical Saws, Heavy Duty Racks, Edger ,Week Eaters, Wheel Barrel, Handy saws, Shovels. ladders, Pitch Forks
Q: Plan for Bad Weather
A: It will not Rain, but if it does, our plans are to continue working through with doing everything the exception of the painting project.

We’ll be working in our own zip code, in the Belle Meade community, with Upstate Circle of Friends. They have tools suggested to bring, so tell people to bring them if they have them. And if not, sign up anyway!

To sign up, go to: www.handsongreenville.org


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