Homily Recordings

The Violent – Part


The Heretics – Part 3


The Wrathful – Part 2


The Circles of Sin –  Part 1


The Importance of Sacred Scripture


Lepers and Foreigners


Priests on the Frontline


Something Radical and Beautiful for God


Sacraments, the Sacred and Service


Passion and Compassion Faith and Forgiveness


Blood and Guts Catholicism


The Trinity in a Cup of Tea


Ascension Sunday – Descended, Ascended, Extended


Be Not Afraid


We Are Witnesses


Dynamic and Doubting Disciples 


No Miracle No Religion


The Woman Taken in Adultery


Lent 3 – The Joy of Being Wrong


Lent 1 – The Little Trinity of Lent


Ordinary Time Week 5 – Casting Out Into the Deep


Why Catholic Education is Crucial


Second Sunday of Ordinary Time – The Mystery of Marriage


The Baptism of the Lord – Getting Right with God


The Epiphany


Fourth Sunday of Advent – Heaven, Hell, and Your Heart’s Desire


Third Sunday of Advent – Judgement Day


The Problem of Islam