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Welcome from Fr. Longenecker

At last, after many years of waiting, prayer and sacrifice, the new Our Lady of the Rosary church has been dedicated. Our new church is more than just a building. It is a sign and symbol of the beautiful, good and true work that God is doing in many ways in our parish.

Our family of faith is growing as more families join us for worship, fellowship, education, ministry and outreach. With a thriving youth group, an excellent parish school, and dynamic and committed lay people, we work here in South Greenville not only to worship as faithful Catholics, but to enrich and expand our ministry to our neighbors in this area.

I hope you will use this website to keep up to date with worship and all the different activities in our parish. Use the site to contact ministry leaders and to be in touch with us with news, updates and any requests you have for ministry, prayer and learning more about the faith.

Your pastor,
Fr. Longenecker

Parish News

611, 2018

Special Mass Schedule

All held in Upper Church     * Holy Day of Obligation

Dec. 24 – MASS, Family, 4 pm, Solemn, 6 pm

Dec. 25 – MASS, *Christmas Day, 9 am

Dec. 31 – Anticipated MASS – Mary Holy Mother of God, 6 pm

Jan. 1 – MASS – *Mary Holy Mother of God, 10 am

510, 2018

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410, 2018

Faure Requiem Mass


at Our Lady of the Rosary Catholic Church

Friday, Nov. 2, 2018

7:00 pm

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In addition to our commitment to academic excellence, creative teaching, and Christian values, we also seek to inspire in our students a joyful and heartfelt relationship with Jesus Christ within the fullness of the Catholic Faith.